Rising Sun

japanese roots


The authentic heritage.
High quality combined with the textile tradition of Japan creates a singolar garment without equal.


Selvedge Denim

Denim par excellence.
The selvedge in the brand's signature colour, copper, is made exclusively for Richard J. Brown. The fabric is meticulously hand cut, making the garment unique and special.


daily comfort

The refined fabric.
Unique and original, for true connoisseurs of traditional 5-pocket style, reinterpreted with italian stretch fabrics for the most comfort of all time.


Precious Fibers

The exclusive selection.
The highest quality fibers mixed with the finest cottons.

Island Paradise

Summer Vibes

The most natural sensation.
Ultra-light and fresh, versatile and dynamic, perfect for warmer days.



The reactive materials.
Always impeccable, the trousers for business will follow every move and return to perfect shape.


Leisure Feeling

The highest performing clothes.
The functionality of the ultra soft, super stretch fabric makes this 5-pocket the perfect travel companion.