Spring Summer 21 Collection

Freely close. The origin of emotions.
Research and creativity, exclusive fabrics, the art of creating. RJB is authentic Made in Italy denim. A sartorial inspiration for a world of precious and distinctive patches.


A desire for nature. A desire for simplicity and virtuous pleasure. The scent of grass, the contact with the warm and vital soil, the coolness of a green shelter. Short trips, day outings riding in a fast convertible with the wind in your hair. A wicker basket, the harmony of a table filled with joy and games among friends. Freely outside and inside every strong emotion. In the heart of the beauty of those places embraced by the warmth of our beautiful country.


Light thoughts, widespread well-being. A new collection inspired by the origins, an unchanged and extraordinarily dynamic. That enhances the essence of comfort and wear. The style of pants becomes perception, suggestion, and experience. RJB is authentic Made in Italy, a constant pursuit of excellence and an ingenious and perfectly versatile design. A true philosophy of life that proudly supports and develops national realities enhancing their art and creativity.


“No compromise and the maximum attention to our people and our production chain. With confidence we continue to be flexible and close to our Customers.” For Christian Rossi, owner, and creative director of About srl, commitment and responsibility are the primary focus behind the RJB development. “High quality of the denim product, precision and originality of the services, customised projects and new generation tools continue to be the cornerstones of what will be a more and more international future”.

The art of making and tailoring intersect the exploration of the lightest and softest fabrics with shades that evoke the pleasure of living a better life in close contact with nature and the places we cherish. Memories, images and dreams come alive again in cotton and silk denim for a pleasant sensation of freedom, and in the most performing bi-stretch cotton, ideal for the most demanding adventures or even just to move around in maximum comfort. Among the cornerstones like bull denim, cotton and linen or cotton and silk fabrics, and lyocell, the great revelation of the SS20 collection, available in truly unique shades, the absolutely new and brilliant solaro effect gabardine stands out, amazing outside, but even more so inside, thanks to the pleasant effect of shades and lights.


Precious and surprising, the exclusive checked or pied de poule summer wool patches that add great uniqueness to every garment, revealing the wearer’s style and passion for tailoring. The new models join the classic suede and different material patches available in the many colour combinations that are, with the hand stitching on the back pockets, the characteristic elements of every pair of RJB trousers available in its many 5-pocket models like Tokyo, Milano, Cortina, Montecarlo and Hanoi, in addition to the more traditional trouser models Singapore, Caprera, the Nairobi cargo pants and the Spargi and Vulcano Bermuda shorts.


RJB, with its various proposals, divided between ICON Daily Comfort, LUXURY Precious Fibers, ISLAND PARADISE Summer Vibes, RISING SUN Japanese Roots, TRAVEL Leisure Feeling, COPPER Selvedge Denim, URBAN Dynamic Performance, knows how to describe the personality and character of the wearer.

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