Italian Luxury Denim

with a green Soul


On the side of nature. And of our planet’s resources. More aware of how production is made in favour of the least possible impact on the environment. More attentive to the choices of materials and design. Richard J. Brown - Italian Luxury Denim with a green Soul is the first capsule collection that interprets the brand's commitment to developing its project of shared awareness.

Not just a matter of product, but of responsibility towards the industrial chain and the consumers, in particular the new generations. A contribution to collective education and a signal of proactive initiative that is already a priority and concrete. The capsule collection includes some iconic items of clothing made of Italian and Japanese organic cotton denim fabrics, certified respectively by GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard and BCI - Better Cotton Initiative, subjected to organic indigo dyeing, which is also certified by GOTS. A consumer protection to certify that the denim used is obtained in compliance with strict environmental and social criteria applied at all levels of production, from the collection of fibres in the field to the labelling of the finished product.  

According to an all-round eco-sustainable approach that includes the treatment phase, the use of ecological substances, the saving of resources like water and energy. In addition to a precise and constant attention to the ways of reducing risks to health and to the natural habitat.

The details of the RJB trousers - Italian Luxury Denim With a green Soul trousers that have always been the distinctive essence and creative soul of each collection, have also been designed to respect the sustainable identity, starting from the inside edging and internal pockets, also entirely made in organic cotton, to the tags made in recycled material, up to the buttons in galalith, a material that is derived from milk proteins. Rivets have been completely eliminated to give space to joists also made with organic cotton yarns and a new dedicated labelling in recycled material has been inserted. The new recycled paper label tells about the meaning and personality of the trousers, to share the reasons for a respectful and technically advanced choice with the customers.

 The path traced, although onerous and laborious, in representing the awareness and application of the brand in relation to such important and urgent issues for everyone, remains a firm point of the RJB development strategy and will be more structured and emphasised over time.

In fact, among the objectives already set, it is important to underline that it will soon become a fully sustainable Luxury Denim company. An innovative productive reality that, in the continuous search for quality and performance, keeps faith in fundamental values like respect, transparency and solidarity. And that becomes an exemplary model in its integrity, able to influence and support those who already work to increase sustainability in the world of fashion and to promote more and more awareness and culture among people.