FW 20-21 Collection


The balance of the universe drives RJB style.The quest for the best fabrics is constantly evolving. New Urban denim, which guarantees impeccable and perfect shapes.


Vitality, luscious essence, primitive charge. Sylvan energy contaminates the natural evolution of the Richard J. Brown collection, enveloping new experiences in comfort and unusual sensory emotions. Lush mosses meet verdant shrubs and burnished barks in an explosion of flashes and florid transparencies. Bursting sap alongside glistening, flowing mists. Natural energy and sophistication come together to create an always-refined denim.


RJB style guarantees the greatest performance, quality and original elegance through the search for the best fabrics and materials created by the most advanced technologies. The iconic/continuous fabrics are re-presented in a constantly perfected version and blend with what’s new in the FW 20-21 collection. In addition to traditional Japanese and Italian denim, premium cashmere, exclusive selvedge, soft flannels, to the eclectic dyes and comfortable jerseys, denim is transformed with new high-performance fabrics with great elasticity and an intelligent memory that makes them extremely comfortable yet maintain their shape with any activity and throughout the day.

The FW 20-21 colour palette for the collection begins with trees and draws inspiration from the beauty of the warm tones of the autumn leaves in the woods, with natural colours such as deep green, dark brown, burnt orange, beige, mud, cream, dusty grey and dove grey. A walk through the gentle hills and easy heights of Tuscany, capturing brushstrokes of baby blue, Casentino red and sky blue. The macrocosm of details that complete the RJB garment is enriched with new shapes and materials, from the swivel buttons to the distinctive hand stitching, from the inside trim in shirt fabric to the suede or flannel labels, always matching or in contrast to the denim. New to the collection are labels in new forms or made of premium nappa leather and soft moleskin, for the man and woman who appreciate distinctive touches.


Models are also increased. To the Tokyo, Milano, Cortina, Hanoi 5-pockets and the Singapore and Caprera and Nairobi trousers, the newest 5-pocket denim, Monte Carlo, is added featuring a high-waist and a smarter elegant fit. Among the brand’s different offerings, subdivided into ICON Daily Denim, LUXURY Cashmere Denim, RISING SUN Japanese Denim, TRAVEL Jersey Denim, COPPER Selvedge Denim is a new interpretation, URBAN - Dynamic Denim. Reactive denim, tirelessly impeccable, follows every movement and always returns to perfect shape.

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